Birthday Weekend

A few weeks ago was my birthday. I spent it doing the things that I love to do – practicing permaculture and learning about nature!

On Saturday, we had Brodie’s boss from The Falls Farm and her partner come over for dinner. But if someone is invited to the property, there will always be work for them! Christine is a native plant enthusiast and expert, so we took her around our whole property to help us identify some of our natives. She is heavily involved in the regeneration program at the Falls Farm, so she knows all about endemic species and what grows well in the area.

We started off at the front gate and moved our way down. It was interesting to see some of the natives that were only young that we hadn’t identified yet. When we start clearing more, there is a large bank of native seeds in the soil and we will see more of them. We already have Bleeding Hearts (Homalanthus populifolius) popping up everywhere! We are grateful for their arrival though, as they add a quick growing habitat for the local birds and provide shade.

On the Sunday we FINALLY got into clearing the front yard a bit. We have been quite busy the last couple months (hence the blog has been quiet) as Brodie has been off competing in shooting competitions with his step dad. I don’t have good chainsaw skills so we wait until both of us are there.

The front yard isn’t too bad in terms of weeds, however there is definitely a trend of birds sitting on the fence and depositing weed seeds along the fence line. We cleared a couple of exotics, a couple of camellias that were in the wrong place and several small Chinese elms and privets. It feels a lot more open and a lot bigger than before! The fig is a really interesting tree to look at and now that we have taken down the other plants around it is

My current plan for this area is to plant a privacy ‘hedge’ of some shade loving plants along the existing front fence and then putting chooks in under the tree. It is a good spot for them and the vege garden will be just downhill of the tree. I should have a look at what hedges grow fruit for chooks to eat.

Here are some before and after photos:

Hopefully this weekend I will get around to spreading some of the big mulch pile and making the area feel more settled. The pile has been there for quite some time and we need to make room for more piles!

Until next time,



  1. That was a lot of clearing you had to do in the front yard. You must be so fit with all of the physical work. Like the sound of the hedge serving multiple purposes. I can picture some very happy chooks one day and an abundance of veggies growing.
    Happy Birthday to you as well.

  2. It will be good to have your chooks under a nice big shady tree. That will give them some good protection when the harsh summer heat arrives!


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