(More) Spring Rains and Mystery Tree??

Over the weekend we had even MORE rain! After it eased up on Sunday we went down to the creek to check out how it is going after the wet start to spring. We found lots of interesting things.

Running like a dream!

We found these cool mushrooms growing up near the fence line.

This one was really fleshy

We also have our mystery tree to contend with...would love to know what it is if anyone can help! I will put lots of photos here just in case someone has seen one before.

We also got some creative jobs done on our very hungover Sunday. Brodie made this really cool rake - tilther thing to try out on his farm.

It ended up being too heavy, and he chopped it in half! While he was doing that, I was preparing our dining table for restoration. I have sanded the legs and most of the top now.

Restoring the op shop find

And Benny was tired over the weekend so he slept in all sorts of weird places.

Sleeping in the esky drawer of our camping set up
Next weekend we hope to finish clearing the front yard, ready for our new tank to go in in the next month or so.

Have a great week,


One of our azaleas which loved the rain


  1. The first thing which came into my mind on seeing that tree was popcorn. The little flowers look like popcorn has burst out of the trunk.
    Benny looks like he found the perfect ‘hidey hole’ for a sleep and is giving you that look of ‘yes, you want me?’

    1. It is quite amazing to look at. They are getting quite large now.
      He looks a bit worried, doesn't he!

  2. I can't help you with the name of that tree, Kat. Perhaps check out Google images and something similar might come up. The rain was lovely and you probably got inundated where you live. Everything is refreshed after the long dry spell.

    1. I will try that, thanks Chel. We probably got over 400mL, stopped checking a while ago! I am thankful for every drop though, it was much needed.

  3. Are the "flowers" coming from the tree or a vine or are they are fungus growing from the bark. My first thought is fig from the look of the leaf. I do believe there is an app that you can take a photo of your "mystery" tree and the app matches it somehow. Don't know the name of it though sorry.
    Cheers Lyndie

    1. Hi Lyndie, they are coming from the bark. I posted a photo on Instagram and someone actually identified it for me! It is 'syzygium cormiflorum' or Bumpy Satinash. It is a QLD native, but not native to our area. Pretty cool!


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