Spring Rains, Holidays and Vegan Muffins


It's been raining!


Since last week we've had between 130-150mL, a very welcome respite from the long dry since Cyclone Debbie hit in March. Luckily for our water tank Debbie dumped 300mL on our place and carried us over to these rains. We have had over 50mL this weekend so we are putting our outside jobs on hold for a little while.

In the first week of October we had a well deserved week off. Our last holiday was our month long trip to Canada which we came back from in February. Since then we have bought a house, moved in, (almost) painted the whole inside and cleared the front yard! It has been pretty busy and the year has just flown by.

On our week off we went camping to Koorelah National Park, which is a really tiny national park on the border of Queensland and New South Wales. It is quite remote and doesn't have a lot of facilities, so it isn't very popular and as we started our trip on a long weekend it worked out well. It has the most amazing gorge to climb around and we got up close to a wild Platypus. I have never seen one before in the wild so it was a real treat! It hung around for most of the day so we sighted it multiple times. Of course I didn't have my phone with me so I didn't take any photos!

We had two clear days, Saturday and Sunday, and then it RAINED! The one week we take off to go camping and it RAINED! Quite amazing, really. So we stayed there 4 nights and came home 2 nights earlier than we expected, refreshed from our time in nature.

We came home via Warwick and Hampton for a bit of a scenic drive and to avoid the city. When we got home we found 110mL in the rain gauge! Luckily it didn't rain that much where we were camping, otherwise we would have been very soggy. Its been raining on and off since then so we have been taking the time to have a rest and catch up on some small jobs. One job we finally did today was to clear the driveway pad. We had a heap of green waste there that we put there when we moved in and now we can get the vehicles in and out a lot easier.

Brodie looking pleased. The brown area is where the pile was.
I commented on Rhonda's blog Down To Earth and Meg messaged me to ask more about vegan muffins. I love having vegan muffins recipes on hand as the ingredients keep so well so if I find I am out of eggs, butter or milk I can still make something. One of my favourites that I usually make are these banana muffins. I usually halve or third the sugar as they can be quite sweet! Perfect for the bananas that are just too ripe.

The recipe I commented about on Rhonda's blog were these vegan strawberry muffins. Strawberries are in season at the moment and the Sunshine Coast is a big strawberry growing area, so we have a lot of growers to choose from. One lady at our normal markets, Jan, caught our eye with her $4/kg strawberries grown just down the road. They are very small, but very, very sweet! I thought they would be perfect for some muffins so I looked up the recipe and cooked up a batch which complemented the strawberries nicely. We enjoyed them in our work lunches all week.

I didn't expect to be writing about recipes on this blog, but if I can help people to use fresh, local produce in interesting ways that's got to be good for the earth and our health.

I think I will bake another batch of strawberry muffins next weekend! We have got a few things planned for the rest of the year so watch this space.

Until next time,



  1. Brodie does look very pleased indeed.
    Love the banana muffin recipe.

    1. When Brodie gets annoyed and does something about it, I know it must be serious! Its a really simple recipe, and so delish.


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