Clearing the driveway

Last weekend Brodie got a bit excited and wanted to use his new chainsaw chain. A couple hours later and the area along the driveway is now are the only before and afters I could find. The first photo is from the day we moved in.

The new pool fence makes it look a lot neater too. Here is another before and after from next to the carport.

From the bottom of the driveway

This is the pile behind the fence


The chipper is due to come on Thursday, and about time! Our front yard is almost totally full with piles of branches.

Brodie's brother also came over to play with their RC swamp boats. The big race is next weekend...lets see how that goes.

I have also finished a project that has taken a few weeks. My new restored table. It had previously had a clear varnish on the whole thing that had turned an orange colour, kind of like the colour of the floor. I love the look of it now and it matches my chairs.

Next weekend is the party of Brodie's 30th, so not sure how much work we will get done! Until next time,



  1. Your table and chairs go perfectly there Kat. I really like that room and could imagine sitting there over a long breakfast.
    Wishing Brodie a very Happy 30th Birthday. Have a wonderful time.

    1. They slot in really well now! It was a bit mismatched before. It is a really wonderful room, it is one of the many reasons we bought this place. It is also a wonderfully sunny and warm room in the winter.

  2. Wow, what a difference a chainsaw can make. That pile of branches will make a lovely pile of mulch for you to use too. You have done a wonderful job on the table. Happy Birthday Brodie. Have a fabulous day. Cheers Lyndie

    1. Haha Lyndie, unfortunately the pile wasn't that big. It won't go very far. He certainly did have a fabulous day.


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