The tank is in!

So all the hard work we have been doing in the front yard over the past couple months has been toward the end goal of installing our new water tank. We decided to add a new one as the current tank is very old and has developed some cracks. Now we have increased our capacity by 50% to around 60,000L, which will be useful for when we have young trees in the ground that we will need to water. Now we need to fill it up!

We built a pad last weekend and it was delivered on Tuesday. Brodie has been struggling with a work related injury recently so I did a lot of the moving of the crusher dust.

The pad before the crusher dust

The tank coming off the truck after that big storm in the background rolled through

The tank in place!

Another thing that happened on the weekend, Brodie's best mate the arborist is back from living in Japan for a while. He was full of energy after not working last week due to the rain, so he decided to come to our place and burn some. So he chopped down our candle nut tree! It was very large and cast a lot of shade onto the house and clothesline during the winter time. Very glad for it to be gone.

This is the best before photos I could find. It was a very large tree. The second photo is after was started to be cut down.

And after.

The backyard feels much more open now and the lounge room has more natural light. Now we can see our beautiful native Flindersia which was hidden behind the tree a bit, and we are noticing the birds flying straight through the open area. It wasn't a very popular tree with birds (or with us) so we are glad it is gone!

I think we might take it easy for a little while now! Until at least after Christmas. I have nothing on order or anything urgent we need to complete. Plus I am poor from purchasing the tank!

Have a good one,



  1. I hope you manage to get the tank hooked up before all the rain the Sunny Coast has been getting disappears. Cheers Lyndie

    1. For the moment we are just going to pump from the old tank to the new one. I think we are still due for a fair amount of rain!


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