Permaculture Design Course

These past two weeks I have been away in Maungareeda in Kin Kin, QLD. It is a permaculture property belonging to Tom and Zaia Kendall of Kendall Permaculture. I wanted to do the course there as the climate is very similar to ours and they live, work and play on the property. They produced 95% of the food we ate on site, which was really amazing to experience. It really made me think about the capabilities of my property and what grows best in our shared climate.

In the morning we fed chickens, goats and milked cows before breakfast. It was enlightening to see the healthy diet that the animals are feed rather than just the grain I usually see in rural supply stores. We had lots of class time every day with delicious food breaks in between.

The part I was most excited about seeing was a semi-established food forest. Tom went through the process of how they set it up, which is exactly what I want to do on most of our property, especially the semi-steep slope down the back. A food system that requires a chop and drop once a year and provides large amounts of food?? Count me in!!

It was a really incredible two weeks and I made some really great friends. This experience has changed me and I couldn't recommend the PDC at Kendall Permaculture more. I am looking forward to going back there someday and hopefully bringing Brodie to check it out with me. As I was having so much fun, I forgot to take any photos! But I did get this one snap as I woke up one morning. This is overlooking the food forest.

Looking forward to getting cracking on my own property.

Till next time,



  1. The Permaculture course sounds fabulous. One day, when I get my hands on some land, I'm going to have a food forest, chickens, milking goats, raise my own organic meat, big vegetable garden etc etc. I love seeing what you're up to on your bit of land. Cheers Lyndie

    1. It was really really great. That is my dream too! Not sure if I will achieve all of it on one acre, but I'm going to give it a red hot go!


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