First Seeds Planted!

Over the weekend, in between the heat and rain I managed to create a very useful potting area in our carport. It is in the shade so I can use it if it is raining or very sunny. Here is what it looks like. I am excited to spend more time in this area.

Now we can also fit the ute in there when there is hail predicted. Luckily the other car fits anywhere.

When it was really hot during the middle of the day I did some research from books and the internet of plants of permaculture. It was very enlightening and I found out about some trees that I had never heard of before. Did you know the fruit of the Durian tastes like chopped garlic mixed with caramel and poured into cream? Eurgh!

Later that afternoon we used the potting area and planted some vege seeds. We have it temporarily located by the front door for easy access. We will be moving our big sturdy shadehouse that was on the property to a sunnier spot and we will have seedlings there in the future. It is definitely sturdy, we dropped branches on it expecting it to break but it didn't, so we may as well give it a shot! I was cleaning up a bit at my parents and I just found a stack of other seeds that had tried to plant at their place, so I will take them back home and might get some more seeds going this weekend.

All of the plants I put out last weekend seem to be surviving ok, it was pretty hot last week but they got a good drenching in the Sunday afternoon storm. We had 55mL in about 30min. It was pretty wild!

I have been doing all this research and planting to get ready for the cooler months when we can start getting some proper infrastructure like swales in. I have been nutting out the design for the area around the house and I am getting very close...I will post about that soon.

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