First Vege Beds

On the weekend we were very productive. Brodie needed some more space for his new business, The Cottage Farm. Him and his mum are growing a bit on her block of land, but that will mostly be delicate crops. So in our front yard Brodie decided to prepare 4 x 5m beds to plant roots in. This is what they looked like right after he sized them up.

He made them this size and straight because they are the same size as the beds on the other property, making it easier to net and apply compost and other amendments evenly as required. The roots crops are to be planted here as our soil is more favorable. After a bit of work and the addition of some composted cow manure, he managed to make it look like this. The beds on the right is what it looked like before.

When we did some basic soil analysis last year we found out that our soil is a clay loam, rather than a straight clay which is what we thought it was. It absorbs water beautifully and is pretty fantastic to work with.

While Brodie did all this, I worked on weeding an area and spreading wood chips over the top. Due to our busyness (laziness) we didn't spread the wood chips all over the front yard, so some weeds have appeared. This is the area I weeded and covered.

On Saturday night I watched Back To Eden, a documentary about how a man in the US placed wood chips all over his garden and the abundance it now creates. I decided to simulate this in one of my side beds. I fully weeded this area, placed the logs down and covered it again in another 5cm of wood chip. This bed will be the small tree zone that will protect our garden from the wind a bit and create some privacy from the neighbors. We also planted a few pigeon pea trees in the mix to create some quick growth. Lets hope they take off.

There are also some of the plants that I spoke about in this post planted along this area. As you can see, still haven't weeded that area up the back of the photo! I saw a red belly black snake slither into The Pile on Saturday afternoon so I decided to stay away!

Benny was very helpful yesterday by sitting on the wood chips that I was trying to get into the wheelbarrow, but who could be mad at that face?

Next weekend we will start to dig the top swale and the herb garden near the front door, weather permitting of course! We are getting lots of done at the moment and it is great to see my design coming to life.

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