Building our Firewood Shed

What a fabulous long weekend off! We took the opportunity to collect some firewood from various sources on Good Friday. We had been planning on building an area to store our firewood but had never got around to it. Well, better late than never! This was the stack we collected, just in time for the cooler weather. It is a variety of different timbers at different stages of moisture so having a place where they can live in the dry is important.

First we started by choosing an area. We chose this spot as the stairs go to the back door into the loungeroom which is where the fireplace is. It is also a bit of a dead space that can't be used for much else. As it is in the backyard it will also be accessible for any outdoor fires we may want to have.

Then we cleared the weeds and junk that we had dumped in the area. We made a base by attaching some pine beams to the existing poles. We wanted to raise it up to deter snakes and rats from living in the area. Then we reused some of the treated pine that was part of the old pool fence. Brodie cut notches in each end so they would sit flat on the timber.

We then added these small bits of hardwood at each end of the shed to be able to stack the firewood higher and make it look a bit neater.

While we were mucking around and doing all this I was also hard at work with the axe to try and get the pieces that we cut up into fireplace sized pieces. You can tell by the axe stuck in that piece of wood that I gave up at that stage!

Then we stacked the pieces. Dry ones to the right and more wet to the left. This was as we burn the dry wood hopefully the wetter ones will be ready. This way we can keep a constant cycle of wood and always be prepared for the winter.

In this photo you can also see that we added a sheet of roofing to the underside of the platform to prevent too much water getting into the timber. All in all, it cost us $0 as we used all scavenged materials from around the property. At first I thought that having a lot of "junk" lying around the property would annoy me, but being able to re-purpose it has been very rewarding and saves us a lot of money.

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