Cooler and more productive weather

This past weekend saw us emerging out of the very wet weather we have had over the past few months and the temperatures have started to drop. Perfect weather to get stuck in and do some work. I don't have any before photos this week because I didn't know exactly what we would be doing. Here is what we achieved.

We made a dent in the woodchip pile and tidied up the path from the driveway towards the house (i.e. buried the problems).

We also used some logs we had from chopping down the leopard tree to shape the bed where the citrus trees live to the left. We topped up the woodchips here too while we were at it.

These are some of the grubs we found in one of the old chip piles. Massive!

We pruned, weeded and mulched around these azaleas next to the driveway. If was pretty hard to get out of the car here before! Not sure what to do with this area yet so these shrubs can stay for a bit longer.

We weeded and mulched under the fig tree. We also fixed the chook house which had taken a bit of a tumble. Just have to dig a swale along the tree drip line and put up a fence and we will be ready for some fresh eggs!

I have also been reading Retrosuburbia, the new book from permaculture co-originator David Holmgren. I borrowed this one from the library but I might get my own copy. I have been enjoying it a lot so far and brings into context some of the ideas I have been thinking about. I think Benny likes it too!

We have this Wednesday off for Anzac Day. We will go to dawn service and see how the day goes from there. This weekend is meant to be sunny and cool, bring it on!

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