Mid Year Update

Hello again my friends,

I had no idea but I haven't posted anything since April!! We have been very busy with off-property activities and have been taking a bit of a break.

Brodie had to have Carpal Tunnel surgery which has slowed us down a bit. He has had it on his left hand and is due for his right around the end of June. The first surgery went well and he has had almost instant relief. It was really bothering him before he got the left hand done so when it is all over he will be a lot happier.

We went on our annual trip to K'Gari (Fraser Island) in mid-May. We had beautiful weather and even got to go swimming a few times! What a fantastic 4 days away. This was one of the highlights:

And yes, I was driving! We managed to get it out without a tow. It was a good experience.

Two weeks ago I had a look at my Queensland Arrowroot which I had planted in March along the side fence. I noticed that it was spreading pretty well so I separated some of the corms to make more plants. This is what it looked like before:

And this is what I got out of it!

I have planted more along the fence so when they have grown a bit they should make a good privacy barrier.

We have also had a spell of cold weather over the weekend with single digits overnight. We have been having the fire on even in the morning and I have been cooking our breakfast (porridge) on the fire. It is a different but very nice experience. We also installed a small ducted system to push hot air from the loungeroom to other areas of the house. It has features a quiet inline fan and makes the whole house very warm on those cold nights, whereas previously we had a very hot loungeroom and very cold house!

Last weekend was the Maleny Show and Brodie and his mum were asked to give a last minute presentation to fill in for someone who had to pull out. They gave a very interesting speech on how their micro farm was set up and there were lots of questions at the end.

On the way back we stopped in at our favourite brewery to grab some beers to go. We found out they now do Growlers, which we can take back and get filled up.

Zero waste, locally brewed beer! How good is that!

Brodie's dad also donated to us a bunch of building materials that he has no use for anymore. Now we have a whole heap of great building materials for our future projects, including lots of hardwood.

It has been a great and challenging couple of months. It has been nice to step back from the property for a bit and have new experiences. Hopefully big news coming soon regarding the house!

Until next time,


Brodie and Benny on the micro farm


  1. Kat our Qld Arrowroot goes crazy here. It is about 6 or 7 ft. high and spreads more of course when it rains. Glad you got your ute out alright. Oops!

  2. Glad to hear you're making a life for yourselves, rather than making yourselves a slave to the property. I actually like being a slave to mine, lol. ;) No seriously. I'm weird like that. But I know others who benefit more from sitting back, it refills their tank! Speaking of which, is your new rainwater tank full yet? Great to see pics of everything.

    Curious about the ducted system, for the fireplace though. Did it go in the wall, or the ceiling? I imagine it travels around to other rooms, via some kind of piping system?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I think I would like being more of a slave to ours too ;) we are still at the stage where we can leave for a little while and things don't get too out of control. And yes the new tank was full! We have emptied it since though now lol

      The ducted system goes in the ceiling and goes through a 150mm insulated duct with an in-line fan. It is wired in with a switch next to the fireplace. It ducts out to two different spots. It was very simple to install as we have plenty of ceiling space. Let me know if you need more info as I am happy to provide! :)


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