Weekend Working

After all of our weekends away from home I was very keen to get into some jobs around the property. Brodie was very busy over the weekend so I made sure I had enough supplies and got into it!

I used some of the last large pavers (salvaged from the property) and continued the path down to the tanks, demonstrated here by a zooming Benny. Using the pavers with the woodchips/mulch between has been great because it gives a really natural look but still gives a solid surface to walk on. And it doesn't get muddy in the rain!

I moved 299 (!) pavers from the front yard. They had haphazardly fallen from their original piles next to the driveway and were beginning to annoy me. I didn't realise there were so many! That area is quite overgrown and there are probably still 100 to go. I moved them down to the back patio where it is flat and is a good storage area as it is a bit of a weird inbetween space. I would have done more but I was very tired after all of this!

We had a crazy self seeded tomato patch as seen here.

I wanted to see if pruning them would make them fruit more, and I needed to refresh my skills. It has been a while! It turned out to be only 3 plants.

And most of the garlic I planted 2 weeks ago have popped up and are growing bigger everyday.

I picked some lemons a few weeks ago so before they rotted away on the counter I juiced them. I freeze the juice in an ice cube tray and when frozen I pop them out so I can use them later. I also made some citrus vinegar for homemade cleaning products using the squeezed fruit.

We have also been busy pursuing bigger and better things for our property and Brodie's business and have made good progress in these spaces. Next weekend is market day again for Brodie's business, lets hope for a nice day.

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  1. g'day there, saw your link on the forum & thought i'd pop over for a look; that is a lot of pavers to move! i read through a few posts & wow, you have your work cut out for you!
    it's a very pretty area up there. look forward to seeing more
    thanx for sharing


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