Twenty Five

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated my twenty-fifth birthday. We went to a delicious dinner at Harry's on Buderim and I was totally spoilt by Brodie. I thought haven't done an update on here for a while, so here we go!

Brodie has had his other Carpal Tunnel surgery done and is now almost completely recovered. It has been a good experience for him and he is now getting his strength back. While he has been recovering, he has been scoping out properties to lease to expand his small farm business. He has now broken ground on a place 10 minutes from us owned by a fellow in his nineties. In exchange for using his land we will be helping him with some jobs around the property such as cutting firewood. 

To prepare the block we had to slash a lot of very tall lantana. Luckily the owner of the property had a very sturdy old tractor that could get through most of it. After this we had a big tractor come through with a rotary hoe to break up the root systems on the patch that Brodie will be starting with first. The soil is wonderful and loamy. He has already planted twelve 20m long rows with some of his best crops.

We have also been doing a lot of propagating, for some short lived tree crops to plant on the property. Both of the trees grow very well in our area so we are hoping that after the initial settling in stage we will just be able to harvest for a couple years until the trees are spent.

Some of the other things we have been up to includes attending the Lifeline Bookfest in Brisbane. I can tell you now, this place is my heaven! We picked up heaps of farming and gardening books while we were there. I spent probably $150 and that was all we could carry!

We have planted some summer seeds. I want to have our property producing more of our own food to reduce on grocery bills. We went to the Queensland Garden Expo in Nambour and picked up some seeds while we were there. Most of them will be tomatoes I think. We had already planted some winter seedlings that we bought and now we are harvesting broccoli and cabbage. I think I will make some Sauerkraut this weekend.

While we were at the Garden Expo we entered a competition for a solar inverter, and we won! So we had a solar system installed last week, minus the cost of the inverter. Pretty happy!

I bought a new (to us) car. We had an old petrol Hilux which doesn't have enough grunt for what we need to do. So we bought a 2010 Isuzu D-Max for a good price and with lots of extras.

We have also been given a loan from the bank to complete some renovations on our property. Although it isn't as much as we would have liked we have lots of plans already. 

We are planning on updating the kitchen and bathroom a bit, painting the exterior of the house (currently 2 colour schemes) and putting some items to make our spare room a bit more comfortable and hopefully rent it out.
As you can see we have been very busy, I will try and update a bit more, especially with the house renovation stuff.

Until next time,


Benny looking sharp in his knitted vest

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