Front Yard Landscaping

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Unfortunately I have been completely unaware of all the changes that Blogger has been making and I have missed everyone comments since May! I just assumed no one was reading which is a bit sad! I am glad to find everyone's comments finally and I will respond a bit quicker from now, promise!

Usually we have a big push to do something when we get fed up of looking at it. This time it was the bank between the pool and the house. This is an old photo that I found from back in April. I left the plants there because they apparently produce edible roots. We found that they were little knobbly hairy things, not worth the plant space! There was also a heap of cobblers pegs and other weedy plants.

I had tried to previously plant some perennial greens in the area. We suspect that most of the pile is subsoil from when the pool was dug out so they didn't go very well. We decided instead to grow some natives there as the soil is so poor it wasn't worth growing anything edible. It is also very steep so I didn't want to grow something that would make us trek up and down the slope and cause damage. We went to our local Landcare native nursery and bought some small shrubs and groundcovers.

First we pulled all of the plants out.

By the way that is our new house external colour. The blue hasn't been painted yet. It will be the same grey as the trim. Those logs are holding up some of the slope as there is a flat pad up the top. This is part of Benny's racetrack.

Then we spent a bit of time cleaning up the small rock wall at the bottom. This is something we have around a lot of around our gardens. We have a lot of rocks!

We laid a thick layer of newspaper and topped it with mulch. We went with newspaper here because we thought cardboard might slide down the slope.

After we finished the area, we put our new plants straight in and watered them.

A day well spent! Hopefully the plants can get established this summer.

In other news, Brodie's small farm, The Cottage Farm, has been going great guns. Here is a photo I have of Benny and I sitting on the ute while Brodie waters his crops. There is a lot more in the ground already from when I took this photo.

He is getting great yields out of his beds so far and has new chefs coming on board. Now we just have to wait for everything to grow. It should pick up now that it is a bit warmer.

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  1. oh you poor thing with the comments! Glad you have found them now. :)

    Good luck with planting out the side of your house, In the past we have found fencing off areas with chicken wire helpful for establishing gardens with dogs. Especially when using tube stock. It will be lovely to have it all planted out!


    1. Luckily for us Benny is not an 'investigator' and is more of a hoon. As long as he has his areas clear for running through, he is pretty happy :) thanks for the tip though, if we have dramas in the future I will definitely do that.


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