The Big Wet

Over the last few weeks we have had some uncharacteristic but welcome heavy spring rains. They have broken the dry spell in our area and we have received probably over 300mL so far. All of our trees and plants are looking a lot happier. This is front little garden, it has our old dwarf citrus trees and some veges inbetween.

After being cooped up for a few weeks we decided to get into the garden on Sunday and get some jobs done. Brodie spread out some mushroom compost around the front yard a few weeks ago so I decided to top up the beds with a bit more mulch. These beds should be good for a while now. This is along the boundary fence. There are pigeon peas, QLD arrowroot and some small trees in here to try and create a living fence.

This is along the other boundary. I planted some volunteer pumpkin plants in here too. That spindly plant is a bamboo that we hope to use to cover the ugly shed next door and use the sticks for building trellises.

We dug up most of Brodie's leftover market garden that was at our place. We want to grow more of our own food over the summer. It is a good period here as we usually have pretty good rainfall and everything grows very quickly. The bits of timber in these photos were given to us by a friend and will form slightly raised beds. We figured this is the best way to go as it is a little slopey here. The reason they aren't assembled is because we ran out of screws!

With all the leftover green material I made a big compost pile in our old bays. We finally got to set them up, 2 years after we have moved in.

A week ago I also made a batch of sauerkraut from cabbage from our garden. It should be ready this weekend. It is satisfying to use our own produce again, lets hope we can get some real productivity over summer.

While it has been so wet we have been catching up on jobs inside like installing ceiling fans and lights. We also got our old leaky concrete tank fixed, now we have 15,000 gal of storage or 57,000L. Feels good to have our water capacity increased again before the summer rains.

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