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Welcome to Fig Tree Creek Permaculture. We are Kat and Brodie, keen gardeners and farmers. In March 2017 we bought a one acre block of land with a house in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland which had been neglected for several years. 

Kat is a mechanical engineer working in Brisbane. She has a keen eye for design and reads permaculture material like there is no tomorrow. She comes from a long line of farmers and loves the land.

Brodie runs his own small business, The Cottage Farm. He has participated in many trades in his life and is very versatile. He is more of a hands on kind of guy and is learning a lot about plants that grow well in our area through his work. 

Benny is a rescued Kelpie/Border Collie who we adopted in July 2017. His greatest ambition life is to catch a flying bird.

The name Fig Tree Creek came about by looking at the nature around us. At the top of our property lives an unusually large and very beautiful variegated fig.

The bottom boundary runs along a pristine spring fed creek that feeds a local waterfall.

Between us we hope to be able to transform our one acre of weeds into a permaculture paradise that can sustain us and our families.

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